average days

We take a look at a typical day of all sorts of people.  What are they really like?  What do they really do? Does a rock star really have it that good? How about a movie star? Take a deeper look at how celebrities and regular, everyday people live their lives. Characters - ...

Paramedic badge

A Paramedic is often thought of as having a rapid-fire, always-on-the-go kind of job, but a closer look reveals that a typical shift involves a mixed bag of excitement, drama, down time, and even sleep. start of the day When a Paramedic first arrives they need to verify that everything is ready for their shift. […]

typical day for Homer Simpson

If you tune in weekly to The Simpsons on Fox you may notice that Homer Simpson doesn’t have what most of us would consider a typical day. He’s always having some sort of adventure, but behind all of that lies a day steeped in routine and the simple joys of life. Let’s take a closer […]